Live Machine Monitoring! 

"What gets measured gets managed" - Peter Drucker

We offer a complete customisable machine monitoring solution that will deliver you your data in a intuitive good looking user interface. Using the IIoT platform we are able to collect data from any type of equipment whether it be packaging machines, CNC , oven temperatures, Medical Equipment etc. You will have your factory in your pocket.

All Platforms

Your data will be displayed on your personalised web based dashboard  which will run on all platforms except Internet Explorer.  

Mobile Friendly

Your unique site will be mobile friendly which will allow you to view your reports at any given time. We will also be able to push alerts to your mobile device.

Live Reporting

The data and analysis happens in real time so you will know the efficiency and any alerts that could possibly stop production at any given time during the day . 


Anything is Possible 

We will be able to extract data from virtually any device given that we have access to it. 

You are special

Our team of professionals will design and create analytical models based entirely on your needs. Every dashboard we create will be different and unique to our customers. 

Easy and Simple to Use

We want to make the most intuitive but also most informative dashboard you will see therefore making it more efficient to manage your equipment.

Only The Best 

In order to monitor your equipment we need to install a monitoring device

Cloud Hosted

We host our dashboards on the cloud which allows for 99% uptime making sure that you will always have access to your data

We only use the best 

Our monitoring equipment is up to the highest industrial standards which will be able to use in any environment


Daily Backups

In the event of a catastrophic failure we will have backed up your data for the past day meaning the most you would have lost is a days worth of data

 Your data is safe with us

 We use certificate based  SSL/TLS for all our messaging protocols including your dashboard. No one has access to our cloud except our staff which will also include 2 factor authentication.


20 Kyalami Rd,
South Africa


Technical Director
Name: Sivesh Chetty
Phone: +27 74 882 5085